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Friday, May 18, 2012

Cleaning Fairy, Where are you???

     So, I found that book again.  The one that I keep misplacing and then finding again.  It is called "Organizing Your Home & Family" by Sandra Felton.  I agree that this is mildly ironic and a bit amusing...if you are somebody else.  If you are me...the one who is sitting at the dining room table and sees a sea of clutter between me and the front door...this is not amusing.  It is actually depressing, frustrating, and enough to make a person completely overwhelmed to the point where they just decide there is no point to even dream of a clean house.
     Here is the SHAME ON ME section of this entry:  I have blamed the mess on the kids, the ones whom I have not properly trained to clean up after themselves.  I have blamed it on not having enough time, that is even funny to me as I sit here and type this.  I have blamed my lack of organization and the inability to form a cleaning routine on my own upbringing...I am college educated for crying out loud, I bet I could write a book on methods of cleaning. ( I do have that published article on WWW.MOPS.ORG search Kimberly McCool if it is still there)Surely I'm smart enough to figure out how to do it.  I have also blamed my messy house on my lack of energy...there actually is much truth to that. 
     I have analyzed this situation of mine much too much. (thus wasting more time, and inadvertently dwelling on the negative)  If it is possible to develop Attention Deficit Disorder as an adult...I have...and I owe my husband a great deal of apologies for poking fun of his disorder, always asking him if he has taken his medicine when his constant motion and inability to stay in the room while talking gets on my nerves.  At least his ADD comes in handy for him at work.  He works on commission, so the more work he completes, the more he gets paid.  What an eye opener when he does 100+ hours worth of paint jobs in a 40 hour work week.  He does not waste time. He has several cars in the process of "prep, paint, polish" all day long, all week long.  At the end of the day, when he says he is tired, I believe him!
     On the other hand, at the end of my day...the house is a wreck, dinner may or may not be started, the kids are usually in the midst of playing, napping, or making a mess...and I'm standing around saying "I'm tired".  WTH  So I think, what have I accomplished today, least one load of laundry, its clean and folded, but not put away, I'll do that after I reorganize the winter/summer bins which are lining the upstairs hall... preventing me from vacuuming, the toys about prevent me from vacuuming the downstairs, the stuff all over everywhere prevents me from dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc.  Ah, there's the culprit...STUFF, ha! As much as I would like to blame it on that, it is still me...I bought the stuff!  We just recently had a yard sale to get rid of some stuff, and after that my house still looked like, as I told my MIL..."a yard sale vomited inside my house".
     This was really just an opportunity to vent, and I know that things will change when I don't have children to nurse or potty train or educate, and in the meantime I have a wonderful friend who comes to help me non-judgmentally...thanks Deanna...and a host of wonderful friends who know who you are...and anyone who is disappointed, or doesn't like a messy house...Thank you in advance for NOT coming over.

PS. Even if you don't care about a messy house, if I don't know you're coming over, don't be surprised if nobody answers the door. ;-)