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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ha! This does not mean pay yourself a little something.  This is what you tell the Doctor's office when they ask for your insurance card, and you don't carry insurance.  Then they ask for money.  Today was my first prenatal visit.  And this is not my first rodeo...I know that the "Doctor's fee" is seperate from the "Hospital charges" and every little lab test has its own bill.  You have to ASK for the "self-pay" discount, they don't just assume you would want it.(making a dumb face while shrugging my shoulders) So, trying to be pro-active, I want to know how much this is going to cost me.  I have been on the phone all afternoon, calling various numbers that I have, only to be told I need to call a different #, where they then tell me I have to call yet another number because they don't have that information, etc., etc.,  I just want to plan ahead, people.  I don't like to plop down $9,000 all at once!!! It seems like the world is against trying to be responsible.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Moments are fleeting...if they are good, we must burn them into our brains!  I think we do this automatically as human beings because I remember really fun things from waaaaayyy back there in my childhood.  I only hope my kids are doing the same.  That being said, I hope I remember that being 36 isn't so bad, when I'm say 56, and being 56 is a walk in the park compared to being 76 and any age you are after that is day after day of potential to have good memories until you are gone from this earth. 
Note to self: Don't screw it up for everyone, Kim!!!